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Work Report Meeting of Clinical and Medical Technology Departments was Held in Our Hospital


In order to implement the spirit of the Hospital's Key Work Promotion Meeting in the second half of the year, from July 27th to July 29th, our hospital held a Work Report Meeting of clinical medical technology departments. Members of the leading group of the Hospital Party Committee Xu Min, Cao Mingfeng, Xiao Qiang, Wang Junqin and Zhang Hongtao, together with directors of the clinical medical technology departments, directors of the wards,  medical team leaders,  head nurses, and some heads of the administration and logistics departments attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Deputy President Wang Junqin.


There were 43 directors from clinical and medical technology departments did their work reports during the 3 sessions of the meeting. The directors fully prepared, spoke with data, sorted out the workload of the departments in the first half of the year, analyzed the advantages and shortcomings of the department, and proposed targeted solutions and put forward the plans for the second half of the year by the overall development goals of the hospital. The plan strived to achieve rapid development and complete the development goals set by the Party Committee of the Hospital.


Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and President Cao Mingfeng made key comments based on reports from each department and asked the directors to formulate the next work plan based on needs. He pointed out that the directors must take the leading role and fully mobilize the enthusiasm, subjective initiative and creativity of all employees, and drive the team to move forward at a high speed; we should grasp the key points, look for shortcomings against national and provincial key specialty construction standards and industry benchmarks, and scientifically plan the construction of talent echelon and the development of disciplines; we need make the professions more meticulous, "Apply surgical treatment to Internal Medicine Departments and apply minimally invasive treatment to Surgery Departments", and build special disease specialties; departments should enhance cooperations, give full play to general hospital’s Multi-disciplinary advantages, improve the ability of emergency and critical treatments, effectively reflect the diagnosis and treatment level as a Tertiary A Hospital, and relieve the pain of patients; the hospital would further strengthen the guidance of department culture construction and fine management, further improve the efficiency and service level of departments, and form a word-of-mouth effect among the masses; the leadership team would continue to conduct in-depth investigations in the departments and solve the problems in their development.


Party Secretary Xu Min put forward several requirements for solidly advancing the key tasks of the second half of the year in his concluding speech: Firstly, we should unswervingly promote the construction of the medical consortium, adopt various methods to reach the grassroots level, and lay the framework of the medical consortium; secondly, we should resolutely deepen the development of sub-professionals, set up specialized disciplines and superior specialties; thirdly, we should pay close attention to the research progress of new technologies in the professional field, actively expand new technical projects, and enhance professional connotation; fourthly, we should effectively guarantee medical quality and medical safety, and continue to promote the sustained health of hospital’s development, enhance sense of confidence and pride of the staff; Fifthly, clinical departments should innovate in the form of publicity and establish good reputation; Sixthly, we should continue to deepen strategic cooperation with Shandong First Medical University and promote the integrated development of medicine, education and scientific research.


Xu Min emphasized that this report meeting would advance the key tasks in the second half of the year, all departments must unify their thinking, raise awareness, carefully make summaries, and comprehensively carry out implementations, all the staff should make unremitting efforts to build a high-level first-class affiliated hospital of the university and promote the high-quality development of our hospital.


Author: Liu Jing Photographer:Ma Xiaoyong  Translator: Bi Xing  Editor: He Shuyun